Lighting: Iacoli & McAllister, Nightwood, Pelle’s DIY chandalier, and Mattias Stahlbom


We’re moving this coming Thursday. It took all summer for me to finish painting, now I’m excited to decorate our new nest. It feels like a fresh start. Of course whereever we are as long as we’re together, we’re thrilled. Still it will be great to set up a new home/ studio. I’ll be sharing that process and the products we put in our space with you. I won’t post home decor stuff everyday but I had to share these ceiling lights with you. We can’t install them as we only have a few hardwired fixtures in the apartment but maybe you’ll want these for your home?:
  1. Iacoli & McAllister
  2. BK Handbuilt for Nightwood
  3. Jean Pelle’s bubble chandalier (DIY)
  4. E27 Pendant Lamp by Mattias Ståhlbom for Muuto