A Thousand Ships, my solo show

A Thousand Ships show at Gallery Hanahou

A Thousand Ships show at Gallery Hanahou
Excited to announce my solo show A Thousand Ships.

My lovely agents, CWC-i  just sent out the press release. Here are some excerpts and info. Hope you can make it to the opening!:

  • September 22nd – October 21th, 2011
  • Opening reception: Thursday, September 22, 7-9pm
  • RSVP to info@galleryhanahou.com

Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.

– Christopher Marlowe, on Helen of Troy in Doctor Faustus

In her first solo exhibition, illustrator Samantha Hahn brings forth the massive stores of her creative mind and lets her works overflow onto the walls of gallery hanahou. From collections of her daily drawings, to sketches of yearned-for items from the Brooklyn Flea Market, blogger portraits, and visual tributes of great women of literature, including incarnations of Helen of Troy, this show is an ode to all things bright, beautiful, and inspiring. On September 22nd, we invite you to take a glimpse into the ever-growing, color-saturated world of Samantha Hahn’s works, that she has been happily creating over the past year.

The exhibition will be comprised of works ranging from sketches on scraps of notebook paper to larger, framed pieces, all crowding the walls of gallery hanahou for your visual pleasure.