Watercolor wedding: Custom photobook for Shutterfly

watercolor wedding photobook for shutterfly5
watercolor wedding photobook for shutterfly6
Watercolor Wedding photobook for Shutterfly

I’m so happy to announce that Shutterfly has launched a custom photobook I designed with them. They tasked me with creating backgrounds, embellishments and pattern bands in my signature watercolor style and then they created these sample layouts to give you ideas of how you could layout your wedding book. I know I really need to make mine. We’ve been married for almost 4 years and have a son now so this lack of wedding book is getting ridiculous!

Before I even worked with Shutterfly I used their service to make a 6 month baby book for Henry. It was so easy to do and we had copies made for our parents. It was an amazing gift that everyone loved so much. We need to do it again considering he’s now almost 2 years. Photobooks are such a great way to keep your digital photos in the world before they dissapear into the recesses of your computer!

Tomorrow I’ll share some designs I created for the Shutterfly, vintage travel photobook…just in time for you to upload your summer vacation photos.