A Thousand Ships show catalog!

Chanel polishes 3stamped with concentrated inks 2011

Chanel polishes stamped with concentrated inks 2011

The show opened last week and was such a blast (some opening night photos). It was so great being in the gallery with so many wonderful people.

I know that many of you lovely readers don’t live in NY or even the US. I’m excited to share the show catalog with you. There are just a ton of pieces of all different prices, sizes and styles.

As a thank you to my lovely Maquette readers Gallery Hanahou and I would like to offer you a %10 discount on any piece over $100. So you just have to write “Maquette” when email ordering or say “Maquette” when phone ordering.

We will try to update the catalog weekly to reflect the sold pieces. I love the way Anna, from Gallery Hanahou arranged the catalog. My work is shown in vignettes just how it is on the wall of the gallery so it’s like a little virtual tour. Hope you see something you like!

Grab the catalog here (or click the Gallery Hanahou hyperlink above): sh_catalog

The above pieces were made using a custom stamp of my Chanel bottle drawing and then concentrated inks on top.