Catie Lazarus: The On Time Show with Petunia van de Twirp

The On Time Show with Petunia van de Twirp from Catie Lazarus on Vimeo.

Last night we attended our first holiday party of the season. I was so excited to meet an incredibly cool writer and comedian, Catie Lazarus. We hit it off right away and spent the night chatting it up. I’m going to her show at the UCB next week.

Being rather obsessed with Jim Henson’s genius I was beyond fascinated to find out that Catie is also a puppeteer. Check out her incredible character, Petunia van de Twirp:

Petunia van de Twirp wants to host her own TV show, but it’s tough to break into the biz. She is barely 8 and a puppet, and therefore an inanimate object. So she decides to host a variety show for all the toys stuck at home. After all, toys are there to entertain humans. When left to their own devices, who entertains them? Petunia Van De Twirp!