Earlier this week I shared my Svpply with you. Since vacation is coming up for a lot of us I thought now would be a good time to suck you into the aesthetic vortex that is Pinterest.  Here are a few of my favorite pins from my fashion and style  and pretty pinboards. I dare not share my deliciosity board with you for fear you would go on a sugar rampage!

Plus, here are lots of interesting links to keep you busy:

  1. A great story from the Moth story slam
  2. The charleston dubbed to Daft Punk
  3. Werner Herzog eats his shoe on a bet with Errol Morris
  4. Angelika Taschen’s minimalist and yet  eccentric apartment (see the Jurgen Teller print above her bed and her t.v on its box)
  5. Tiny perfume bottles blown large in photographs
  6. Charlotte Gainsbourg in the recording studio
  7. Bethan Laura Wood
  8. Nice Danish apartment
  9. Photos of teenagers
  10. Jenna Lyon’s office
  11. Marc Jacobs pom pom obsession
  12. Stripe & Field
  13. Fabulously Swedish
  14. Charlotte Taylor
  15. Art translated into fashion
  16. Food meets fashion
  17. Ulf Lundun photography of people who have been sitting in the dark for 30 minutes
  18. Swedish summer house
  19. Neon
  20. Washi tape your walls
  21. Amsterdam apartment
  22. Scissors organized neatly
  23. Craft envelopes
  24. Goldhearted
Happy happy holidays! See you in the new year.