Ring re-do

ring dreams
I love my engagement ring and wedding band but if I could do it all again I’d don this beautiful art deco band from Erie Basin and on the other hand, this amazing 1950’s ring from Erstwhile that is already sold (so I don’t have a link. I just pulled the image to my desktop a while back and can’t stop gawking at it). I’d rather the center stone be sapphire though. I’m not a big diamond gal. I love color! I just love the cut so much!

1. I just noticed that I did this post a while back featuring another circular ring that’s similar to the Erstwhile one above (this might be my dream ring. I love yellow gold and the pink….oh it’s fun to dream!)

2. Here are some more rings I love

3. More vintage ones from Erie basin

4. Here’s a simple delicate one from Philip Crangi. He’s great

Maybe you got engaged over Valentine’s day and are looking for a unique ring and I just helped you find it?! I hope, I hope!