Refinery 29 editor Kristian Laliberte’s chic studio (with my prints on the wall!)

kristian laliberte's apt with my print on the wall

mens wear fall 2012 11X14 print

I was super flattered when I saw my work on the wall of über cool senior editor at Refinery 29, Kristian Laliberte. Kristian’s studio is super duper chic and well appointed for such a tiny space. Wow–did he make it work. When we lived in a studio it felt like a hamster’s nest.

An afternoon with (one of my new favorite sites. I’m totally into being a voyeur when it comes to sites that feature people’s homes, workspaces and closets) did a fantastic feature on Kristian’s abode and Refinery piggiebacked the story naturally! The print and that typewriter original are available here.