Everything old is new again

everything old is new again
Holy guacamole, I have not posted for two whole days. Honestly almost every minute has been spent working. I have lots of projects on the burner from Daily Candy to my book to collaborations with friends. I swear I’m not playing hooky or slacking off. I love my work so much but wowza it’s tough to come up for air sometimes. I’m looking forward to a tiny family vacation to Florida to visit my 96 year old nana (next weekend). It’ll be Henry’s first plane ride. I think he’ll love it so much. What an adventure. I hope those are not famous last words.

Ok, about the post…I just love these photos. They’re so retro and yet so modern and fresh at the same time. Color never goes out of style. I’ve been thinking about how each generation thinks they have so much ingenuity. Everything is referential….everything!! I’m ok with that though. Aren’t you?

Take this vintage Lauren Hutton outfit juxtaposed with a recent Garance Dore snap as case an point. A high waisted denim skirt with a belt and simple white top—timeless!!
vintage lauren hutton and Garance Dore photo



  1. Nail Polish Dior Ad from the 70’s: Refinery 29/Dree Harper
  2. colorful hammocks vintage photo from Tugce Demiir
  3. vintage Lauren Hutton via Styleist
  4. Garance photo of denim skirt girl