Pop: Lavender polish + what we did this weekend

Pop lavendar polish

Pop has some really fun neons and glitter polishes but this delicate Lavendar caught my eye the other day and I decided to give it a try. I love it!

We had a really lovely weekend. The last few weekends were spent traveling so being here in the city without tons of plans was nice. Friday night Dave and I went out to dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant and for a long rambling walk. The air was crisp and we wandered from our neighborhood all the way up to the upper eastside. If your eyes are open any neighborhood can be interesting and full of treasures. We’re always fascinated by how one neighborhood transitions into another. We were both born here in Manhattan but never seem to tire of it. What a truly magical city it is.

Saturday we spent the day in Central Park and Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day by taking a family stroll to the East Village and having a nice brunch. It was a leisurely and relaxing weekend.

We also managed to catch up on some work (though we never ever seem to finish—there’s always more). I’m making some changes to my workspace so that it’s more efficient and so that I have less piles of artwork all over! I’ll show you some photos when we’re done. Have a great start to your week.