Beach Day


I prepped this post in advance because as you are reading this—-we’re away from our workspace.

We have not taken a family vacation for a long time. Last summer was the worst of my life and this year has been full of so much hustle and bustle work wise that at times I forgot to come up for air. So we thought about where we’d like to go and decided on a seaside vacation at the North Fork. We’ll grab a rental car on Monday and drive a few hours to Greenport. We’ll play on the beach with Henry (and build some sand castles I’m certain). We’ll stroll through vineyards and lavendar fields, swim in a pool and enjoy dinner on a little private deck. I’m bringing a bunch of books that I’ve been meaning to read and I just can’t wait to watch the stars. I’m going to try to check my email only 3 times a day in case there is any pressing business. The rest of the time I really want to regroup, spend quality family time and perhaps pick berries).

  1. Amalfi Coast water and steps
  2. beach fort 
  3. bonfire