Hunkering down in my studio


I’m in shock that we’re approaching mid-July already. This summer has been a whirlwind. My book is completely due in a few weeks. I’ve been working on it steadily but other projects keep popping up and their deadlines have been tight so sometimes my book work has fallen to the wayside. Last week I closed myself off from the world, missing a get together with girl friends (boo hoo) and most everything else that was unrelated to work. I still have a solid 12 more illustrations to do—I’m on it!

I spend much of my time at the drawing board but seeking reference for my book has led me to beautiful corners of the internet. I have to say that the 1920’s-40’s was the most dazzling of eras fashion wise. The starlets look incandescent. Of them all, Greta Garbo has my favorite look. Her face is unrivaled even today. Do you have any starlet favorites? And eras you wish you could have seen first hand? Check out my girl crush pinboard for a bevvy of beauties from a few different eras.

  1. Garbo with a dog
  2. Garbo—those eyes—that face!