Maquette: 5 year anniversary!!

Shoestrology book1_Samantha Hahn
5 years have flown by. It’s incredible how quickly life can change. 5 years ago I was oil painting, starting a blog and figuring stuff out. Now I’m a full time freelance illustrator, blogger, wife and mom. I lost my dad, I’ve made new friends, lost touch with some old friends, moved to Brooklyn and back to Manhattan again. It’s been an incredible journey with highs and lows. Thank you for tuning in here and indulging me as I share my work, ideas, inspirations and fascinations.

The illustrations featured are some scans/sneak peeks from Shoestrology (366 shoes illustrated! In stores September 4th).
Shoestrology book3_Samantha Hahn

Shoestrology book9_Samantha Hahn