Book cover inspiration


Happy Monday. Here we are a couple of weeks away from the holidays. I just completed some big projects that were amazing to work on.

I’m also in the midst of completing my book cover. My book will hit shelves next fall which means it needs to be sent to the printer in the next month. It’s so exciting!

I’m so inspired by so many types of cover designs I’m having a tough time deciding which direction to go in for my own. One thing I do believe is that you can judge a book by its cover. Or at the very least a cover can stop you in your tracks and make you pick up the book for further exploration.

Here are a couple covers I’m feeling inspired by. Without giving to much away, I’m definitely going to hand letter the title and incorporate an illustration from inside the book. I’ve been playing with white or black lettering over images like the Woody Allen one. I love solely type driven covers but think it’s important to give you a taste of the watercolor illustrations inside by having one on the cover.

Everything Paul Rand designed makes me swoon. Here are some other covers with inspiring design:

  1. Steinbeck
  2. Allen
  3. Kierkegaard