The Where, the Why, and the How



Talented illustrator/author Julia Rothman and her Also team are at it again with this incredible new book The Where, the Why, and The How. It’s full of the wonders and mysteries of science illustrated beautifully by 75 different illustrators like Lisa Congdon and Camilla Engman. I’ve always been fascinated by science and art so to have this book answer my scientific questions with artful aplomb is a treat. I love how the cover cheekily plays off the old science posters, books and videos we were all subjected to in grade school. If only those were as captivating and edifying at this book! Also, I’ve never seen a better book trailer. Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that intellectually curious friend or family member? Look no further.

* fun fact from Julia:

“we wrote this book before the discovery of the Higgs Boson. So the piece in the book by the CERN scientist talks about how they think they are going to discover it soon. So the essay is already out of date.”

Isn’t it incredible how quickly our understanding of the world changes!?