1jane and henry
2fred and adele astaire
JFK & JFK jr. sweet.
paul and joanne

With the new year fast approaching I always take this time to think about the year behind and ahead.

When you lose someone you love, life feels like it’s crashing in on you, like it will never be the same and in a sense your old self dies. Still, somehow you are left standing and breathing and you have the choice to keep doing that or to crumble.

The way my little Henry experiences the world with such vigor and enthusiasm is so utterly inspiring. This is it, all we have is this time, let’s find joy, work tirelessly on our passions, and love those who love us back with all of our hearts. Happy happy holidays.

XOX- Sam

Jane and her father Henry Fonda
Fred and Adele Astaire
JFK and JFK Jr.
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward