Juergen Teller: Woo!


kate moss by juergen teller

Juergen Teller, one of my favorite contemporary artists is having a retrospective at ICA in London.

ICA describes Teller as: One of the most important photographers of his generation, Juergen Teller is one of a few artists who has been able to operate successfully both in the art world and the world of commercial photography. This exhibition will provide a seamless journey through his landmark fashion and commercial photography from the 90s, presenting classic images of celebrities such as Lily Cole, Kurt Cobain and Vivienne Westwood, as well as more recent landscapes and family portraits.

I find his images so alluring in their juxtaposition of intentionality and naturalism.

More on Teller from ICA: Teller’s provocative interventions in celebrity portraiture subvert the conventional relationship of the artist and model. Whatever the setting, all his subjects collaborate in a way that allows for the most surprising poses and emotional intensity. Driven by a desire to tell a story in every picture he takes, Teller has shaped his own distinct and instantly recognisable style which combines humour, self-mockery and an emotional honesty.

Wish I could jet off to London and take in the images in person. Here are some images from the show if you can’t make it.