..bring May flowers

wild folk studio
vintage stamp
Somehow the entire week slipped away from me without a post. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. Working on projects for Refinery 29, MilkX Magazine (Hong Kong) and look book illos for Shiny Squirrel.
  2. Looking for signs of spring around Madison Square Park with Henry (Hyacinths, forsythias, magnolias and tulips).
  3. Listening to Beach House over and over and over and over.
  4. Building lego trucks with Henry.
  5. Breakfast with Brvtvs at The Breslin (I really should have my own table there). Here’s a selfie of me in one of their antique mirrors.
  6. Dinner with Tara Donne and Dana McClure (college pals) at The Jade Hotel.
  7. Pinning.
  8. Going out tonight to see this strange 70’s movie with Jack Nicholson (We’ll never tire of seeing NYC back in the day). Thank you to my lovely in laws for babysitting!

Isn’t it amazing how light you feel when spring rolls into town? Have a wonderful weekend. We’re thinking of checking out the John Singer Sargent watercolors at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on Saturday).

Flower images above:

  1. Wild Folk Studio
  2. Vintage stamp
  3. Liberty of London (via Frolic)

p.s if you want to listen to me on Employee of the Month here’s the link.