My work in Jenna Lyons’s office

Jenna Lyons's office
Jenna Lyons's office2
Jenna Lyons's office3
Jenna Lyons's office4

Umm…no biggie or anything but my work is on Jenna Lyons’s desk/wall in a Fast Company article. Ok BIGGIE! I’m a big fan of Jenna’s work. I guess we all have heros. For some people it’s a star athlete or a rock star, for me and my creative friends, it’s Jenna Lyons, the creative director and president of J.Crew. She took the brand from your average closet staples to some sort of incredible mix of tom-boy-cum-it girl-cum-effortlessly chic girl on the street that makes you rubber neck. Since she took the helm I’ve noticed incredible colors and beautiful textures and I simply admire the cohesiveness of the brand as a whole. There’s always a Jenna touch. So when my friend/collaborator Rubi Jones emailed to let me know she saw my work in Jenna’s office I was pretty…for lack of a better word, stoked.

After fall fashion week 2012 illustrating for New York Magazine/The Cut, Jenna’s assistant reached out to me asking if Jenna could buy a print of the J.Crew illustration. I was pretty floored, thinking wow, I’m on Jenna’s radar. Of course, I didn’t make her buy the print, instead I made a few prints from that series and threw in a couple of abstract watercolor originals into an envelope and a little “I’m flattered” note. It’s pretty rad to see the work actually around her in her amazing office/studio. I’m truly honored.