Motherhood book

I recently hosted a baby shower for my friend Joanna who is about to have a second baby. It was such a pleasure. Joanna has such a knack for collecting fascinating women friends. I’ve met so many amazing friends through her and had the pleasure of meeting a few more at the party. Joanna asked for no gifts since it’s her second kid and she just wanted the day to be chill and no pressure. Still, I thought a group gift (not from a store) would be nice and came up with the idea to ask all the girls, plus Joanna’s mom, sister, cousins and husband’s family to share some thoughts on parenthood, advice, quotes that resonated with them etc. I hand lettered all of their incredible sentiments and had Pinhole Press print up a beautiful little book. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working on this. There were so many funny and moving quotes and I know Joanna will relish what her loved ones have to say. Here are a few.