Have a beautiful weekend


Week 1 in Seattle has been really beautiful. We settled in quickly;  poking around the city, enjoying nature, and relishing the change in pace from the bustle in NYC.

This weekend we’re headed to Portland. Dave has a work thing there and Henry and I decided to tag along. Instead of driving we’re going to take the train. Isn’t there something so romantic and old fashioned about a train ride? I’m imagining pointing out the gorgeous landscape to Henry as we chuff along.

Saturday night I’m excited to meet some fellow bloggers and artists who call Portland home (dinner at Tasty N Sons). If you are not familiar with their work/blogs check them out this weekend:

Chelsea Fuss of Frolic, Amy Ruppel and Kate Bingaman-Burt


  1. train
  2. my photo of a latte from a cute brunch spot here in Seattle
  3. flower styling from Chelsea Fuss’s portfolio