Have a great weekend


What a hectic week it’s been. If you are an avid Maquette reader you know we’re in Seattle for the summer (’cause of my husband’s job). It’s been breathtakingly beautiful weather and we we’re enjoying nature so much. At the same time I still have lots of work to do.

This week has been a juggling act. I’ve been doing projects for Vogue Nippon (writing in lipstick. Cool but messy for the scanner), working on a party kit for Galison, a presentation with Brand New School and a promotion for Lancome. Somehow I never seem to have like 1 or 2 projects at a time. It’s always 3-4 and then I get a little respit and then get blasted again. I love it so much though. I just have to figure out a good balance.

Being on west coast time has been a bit tricky so I’ve been getting up really early so I can blast out some work before my son wakes (see the link below verifying that morning people are more productive!). I’m relishing this change in scenery (New York is a hell-scape from what I hear from friends and family).

Here are a few fun links for you to read/watch:

  1. This girl taught herself to dance (amazingly) in a year
  2. Calm the F%@k down parenting style (I’m on board)
  3. Morning people are more productive (yes!)
  4. This weekend we’re going to a laser light show (no we’re not 16 years old). Many useful inventions use lasers. Nasa shows us some and explains lasers.

Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club via Leanne Woodfull