Art Deco notebooks


My friend and one of the most talented designers I’ve ever worked with, Kristen Hewitt created this stunning set of Art Deco notebooks for Chronicle Books. They’re impressively beautiful and tactile in person, with full-cover metallic foil stamping, sewn bindings and amazing deco motifs, Kristen nailed it.

Here are some of Kristen’s thoughts on process:

“As I often do when starting my design process, I pulled together inspiration boards to help identify design motifs that would help me create patterns that would feel of the period. I found so much beauty and inspiration in examples of the architecture and interior design, as well as fashion, jewelry, and packaging during that time. The tall and elegant lines, the curves that create a feeling of fluidity and grace, the radiating sunbursts and zigzags were all elements that I wanted to try and bring into the design of the notebooks.”

read more at Chronicle Books Blog and pre-order. I have a feeling these will fly off the shelves when their official release day arrives.