Choose Happiness

choose happiness
This post is a follow up to this one where I talk about feeling blue.

After that post some friends and fellow authors reached out to tell me they had the same feelings after their books launched (thanks Holly, Nichole, Lisa and Lorena). Another friend likened my feelings to postpartum depression. I giggled at that but it actually resonates. I worked really hard on the book for a couple of years and then poof it was done. It’s in the world now and I’m glad, but life shifted.

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Christene who reminded me of a something her aunt said that she shared with me a while back, she said “you have to wake up and choose to be happy”. I guess for some people, they wake up and happiness is just there but not for me. I have to decide.

I have learned that feelings ebb and flow. I just have to remember that flow will come again when I’m in an ebb.

One thing is for sure, I choose to surround myself with wonderful women friends who can help build me up when I’m down. I hope they know I’ll be there to do the same for them when they need me.