Clementine Daily Feature: Everyday Icons


Some super cool girls I know started an amazing site called Clementine Daily. I was honored when Erin Loechner, one of said cool girls asked to interview me for Everyday Icons.

Here’s an excerpt. Click over to see the rest of Erin’s thoughtful questions and my answers:

What is your personal motto or mantra?
Choose happiness.

Any advice for budding artists/illustrators/designers?
My advice to any artist starting out is: Work hard, make lots of work, become comfortable with failure, look for places where you can get feedback, submit work to places where you can see your work fitting in, collaborate with friends, build a portfolio of work that looks like it’s done by the same person with the same hand, look at the work of artists you admire and think about why you like it and what makes it special, look at that artist’s client list and aim to work for them, ask to work for them, make your work good enough that you’d hire yourself, take your work from being pretty good to excellent, carve out your niche in the market and don’t give up, mistakes are par for the course. If this is your passion you can make it happen with diligence and willingness to learn from your mistakes. The cream rises to the top.