An apology to New York City

Chrysler postcard
Dear New York City,

I owe you a bit of an apology. Ok, well that didn’t sound very contrite. I owe you a big apology. All summer I griped about you. I said that your weather is too extreme but every other place I can think of living has bad weather too. Seattle has amazing summers but gray, cold and dreary…umm….every other season. San Francisco can be beautiful and sunny but they even have a name for their fog it gets so intense sometimes (shout out to Carl the fog).

New York can be rough, you have to live in small expensive spaces but then you don’t have hoarder style garages filled with high school memorabilia which I think is a good thing. You have to deal with lots of noise but that’s because so many people come here to live their dream. Anyway, we’re moving to Brooklyn which will be quieter but still have the cultural aspects of Manhattan we like and ehem…culinary aspects.

People here have ennui and agita. Maybe this is my Stockholm (or NY syndrome as it were) speaking but I think those are motivating forces.

To conclude, New York you are a real human with foibles and impressive strengths. I can’t seem to conceive of leaving you. Sorry for considering it.


p.s Autumn is my favorite season you give us. The Chrysler building glistens and sparkles at night, the sky is clear and cobalt blue, the grays and browns of your palette are offset by the bright yellow of your gingko trees, red and oranges of your oaks and the white twinkling lights strung all around to motivate us to start our holiday shopping even though it’s only November. Anyway, thank you for being who you are. I love you for it.

p.p.s I may retract this entire apology if you get slushy and gray before I’m ready.

via Brett Fletcher Lauer (vintage postcard of the Chrysler Building)
Chrysler building architect William Van Alen wearing his building