Swimming pool studies


We went for a short but amazing visit last weekend to my nana Sally‘s place in Florida. She’s 98 and the most inspiring person I’ve ever met. My mom calls her a little buddha. Her attitude toward life and those around her is nothing but positive despite losing a son, losing a husband and many friends due to life’s transience. She views each day as a gift even though her eyesight is nearly gone. Instead of sulking about such a debilitating loss, She listens to books on tape and does everything in her power to stay active, intellectually curious and surround herself with friends and loved ones. She espouses and practices her philosophy of treating each day like a gift and finding joy in small things.

I know we’re not at “resolution time” yet but why wait till New Years to make one? I am going to really try hard to practice her life philosophy each day.

There’s so much beauty in the world and so much goodness in people. If your eyes and heart look for it, it’s there.

Speaking of beauty, one of the things we did aside from long chats and delicious meals with nana was take some dips in the pool at her building complex. It’s amazing how much beauty a simple concrete pool of water can hold. During the day the water glistens and creates waves of light reflections on the bottom of the pool and crisp blue shadows at the edges. At night, deep shadows create oblique shapes. The surrounding lights bounce off the edges of the pool to create yellow lines at the angular edges.

Here are some pool images I captured with my iphone during our all to brief visit.

We leave for Thanksgiving with my family in Philly this week. So I’ll sign off and wish you a lovely holiday now.