Yayoi Kusama: I Who Have Arrived In Heaven


This morning at 9AM my friend (the incredibly talented prop stylist) Randi Brookman Harris and I had an artist date at David Zwirner gallery. We waited in line (in the freezing cold) almost 3 hours to experience the incredible mirrored infinity room (totally worth it). Only one person could enter the room at a time which made the experience completely immersive. Unfortunately due to the volume of viewers each person only gets 45 seconds. It would take at least 15 minutes to experience the exhibit in full. I wish I could have more time.

“Infinity Mirrored Room –
The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away encompasses a cube-shaped, mirror-paneled room that features a shallow reflecting
pool as its floor. Hundreds of multicolored LED lights are suspended at varying heights from the ceiling. They flicker on and
off in a strobe-like effect, producing an intense illumination of the space and a repetitive pattern of reflections that suggest
endlessness and ultimately invoke concepts of life and death.”

We also enjoyed the paintings. I could not help but liken them to Fauve painters, African, Mexican and Peruvian textiles…all the while somehow being completely original. It was interesting to look at them from a distance and to explore details up close. Randi was smitten with all of the little faces. I was drawn to the two color pieces, with a bright color over bronze or opposing primary and secondary colors. Kusama’s palettes are completely compelling and unusual with vibrating colors that seem to emanate straight from the tube. I’d love to watch a time lapse of her creating these.

Here are my instagram snaps + Randi’s

Have a great weekend. If you are around NY. I’d highly recommend the exhibit. Get there early or be prepared for an up to 4 hour wait.