Masters of Intimate Portraiture


I came across this American Photo piece on When the lives of photographer and subject are intertwined, magic—and drama—are bound to happen and was immediately enamored. I have always been drawn in the voyeuristic sense to catching a glimpse of people’s private lives through photography or documentary film.

I was happy to discover the article features photographer Doug Dubois. He was my first photography teacher in college. He taught me how to use a real camera and process the film and make prints in the dark room etc. He also taught me primitive photoshop. He was a great teacher and had that special something that lets you know as a student that you are lucky to be around a real artist and have them pass along their perceptions of the world and their craft.

Peruse the article for more from Doug Dubois, Tony Fouhse and Elinor Carucci.

Images above:
1 Doug Dubois
2 Elinor Carucci