Summer Instagram


There’s something truly magical about summer. Even though some days are sweltering and really uncomfortable, there are always days and evenings with beautiful light, lush trees and grass, blooming flowers, fireflies and refreshing breezes after the thunder storm. So I always enjoy following my friend’s instagram streams. Right now I have a friend in Sweden taking in some breathtaking sights, another just went camping. In looking at their photos I feel like I’m getting a little vicarious taste of their lives and the places they visit.

At 7+ months pregnant we’re having a pretty relaxing summer. I drop Henry off at camp in our neighborhood and then get to work in my studio. Weekends we hop a train to Long Beach for the day or hit the playgrounds or park. Next week were headed out for a week long trip full of pool and ocean swimming and lots of lounging around.

My instagram feed is lazy and chill as it should be during the summer months. I’ve been posting snapshots of daily life, beautiful evening light in my living room, a snap of a plane overhead from the beach and anything else that strikes my fancy. Feel free to follow along if you like.