Happy Monday

magic animal
stripesvertical stripes

What gorgeous weather we’re getting. I’m feeling so lucky that we’re in Brooklyn this summer. The streets are tree-lined and quiet and I’m only a week away from having a baby so am beyond thrilled not to have one of those scorching hot summers with burning pavement and honking horns below my studio window.

Here are a few more patterns I made from some playful doodling I did alongside Henry the other day. I just picked sections of each doodle and made elements to be repeated. I like the effects I got just using his kid’s watercolor set and oil pastels on manila paper. Sometimes the cheapest materials yield interesting results.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the week. So many people we know are going out of town this week. I guess everyone’s realizing that summer is slipping away and relishing a last little bit of relaxation and fun before the fall and winter slog begins.