Fall wish list

fall wish list

I’m a week away from my due date, give or take of course! I have been so focused on finishing projects that I’ve done very little nesting (I have filled Vivian’s drawers with newborn clothing and blankets and diapers though). My husband is super on top of all the big stuff. He built the bassinet and swing and filled in any blanks on baby products we didn’t save from when Henry was a little one. This morning after cleaning up my studio. I took down boxes of post-partum fall and winter clothing and put them back in my closet. After wearing the same 5 things all summer it was exciting to say hello to old favorite blouses and jeans. I just hope I shrink to a normal size fast. I have vowed to pick up jogging as soon as I recover from the delivery.

I don’t have too much on my wish list for fall but truly need a new cross-body purse. I’m obsessed with the Celine Trio but even on Ebay it’s out of my price range. The Claire Vivier cross-body above is a beauty and expensive but I use the same purse everyday and have had a similar Marc Jacobs one for over 5 years now. I’m definitely a creature of habit. I have the Rachel Comey Mars boot in gunmetal gray and they’re my favorite booties. I’d love to grab a pair in whiskey. I know I’d wear them all the time with jeans and even skirts.

The last item on my list is really exciting to me. I originally wanted two nameplace necklaces with Henry and Vivian’s initials on them then I hung with my friend Natalie of Hey Natalie Jean who has a tattoo on her arm of her son Huck’s b’day (which is the same as my Henry’s incidentally). Instead of numbers she has it in roman numerals. I love it so much that I’ve been chatting with my friend Anna of Brevity jewelry to put together a double chain necklace of Henry and Vivian’s birthdays in roman numerals. Of course I have to figure out the perfect sans serif font and wait to find out Vivian’s birthday but this is something I’d plan to wear nearly everyday….forever! I’ll show you how it turns out when it’s on my neck!

  1. Claire Vivier: Moyen Messenger in oxblood (I’d love to have it monogrammed with my initials)
  2. Rachel Comey: Mars boot in whiskey
  3. Brevity necklace: I’d get a custom one in a sans serif font in 14K gold with my kid’s birthdays in roman numerals