Condé Nast Traveler China: Illustrations



Condé Nast Traveler China recently reproduced a story I illustrated for its U.S. counterpart a couple of years back. It’s interesting to see how the story is laid out differently from the original.

Yesterday was my birthday. Dave and Henry brought be breakfast in bed as I nursed baby Vivian. It was so sweet. We ordered Mexican for dinner. Tonight my mom is coming over to babysit Henry so Dave and I can have a romantic dinner…well, with Vivian in tow. Since I’m nursing all the time and she’s always catnapping, I’m basically never out of her sight, so she’ll join us. Maybe we’ll go to one of my all-time favorite spots in Brooklyn, Franny’s for some Brussels sprouts with estratto di pomodoro and bottarga followed by casarecci with arugula and walnut pesto. I’ll try not to drop crumbs on Viv’s little head.

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