Refinery29 Country Club

Marc Jacobs


Alexander Wang

NY fashion week was a busy one for me with projects like the background for Lela Rose’s fashion show and the cover lettering for Marie Claire Magazine.

Another fun one was for Refinery29. Piera reached out to me over the summer with the email subject line “Top Secret.” What could be more enticing than an email with that header?

They hit me up to create mood boards inspired by fashion designer oeuvres to be printed and sent to each designer with a hand-written note from Piera and Christene telling them about the Refinery29 Country Club concept.

The Country Club–an interactive pop-up that paid homage to 29 handpicked visionaries with a miniature golf course featuring nine designer-inspired holes you could play through.

Here’s the New York Times coverage of the event and WWD, and some images after the jump. Looks so fun (I couldn’t go since I had Vivian the day before).