the gratitude project
Every year I make personal resolutions like: Eat less sugar, jog more, do more collaborations, whittle down my wardrobe to essentials…etc. These are all worthy goals for optimizing life but I feel like a resolution, a real resolution has to be bigger and deeper. Last year I resolved to be content in 2014. I’ll admit it was a big feat. Nonetheless, a little voice nagged at me to stop for a minute and actually be content when my mind started racing around in all directions.

I woke up this morning getting ready for a work day but wound up taking a little nap with Vivian. we laid in the sunlight on my bed and her warm sweet face was pressed up against me and I realized how very grateful I am for everything I have this year.

This year I resolve to maintain a gratitude list. Each night writing down or at least thinking of a few things I’m grateful for will help that content and grateful voice flourish. I have so very much to be grateful for. Here’s my main list:

  1. A healthy and loving family and friends (including my new baby and my 5 year old)
  2. A cozy home in a wonderful neighborhood
  3. My career

Feel free to share this post/image and #thegratitudeproject on instagram and why not list the 3 main things you are grateful for this year?