Ladies Drawing Night

Ladies drawing night

Last Night I was invited to hang out with Julia Rothman, Leah Reena Goren and Rachael Cole at Ladies Drawing Night.  They just get together to draw and paint and shoot the sh*t. Lately, they’ve been inviting other artists to join them for themed nights to capture the work and experience (photographer Kate Edwards was with us) for their upcoming Chronicle book.

Last night Mary Kate McDevitt and I were there for hand-lettering night. It was really cool to see how the other girls worked and with what materials and on what surface. We all had different styles so it was cool to see how they work in person. Some worked on one or two special pieces the whole night, while I filled scraps and scraps of different types of paper I brought for the occasion.

Thanks for letting me try your gouache Leah and your pens Mary. Julia and Rachel thanks so much for including me (I’m honored!!) and special thanks to Rudy the dog for not barking when I referred to you as a “he”. You are very lovely and feminine.