Your Story + AwesomenessTV

I was so excited when Rachel Schectman, founder of STORY reached out to collaborate on their next big reinvention. STORY takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store. Every four to eight weeks, STORY changes entirely – from merchandise and store design to floor plan and fixtures – to bring to light a new theme, trend, or issue. I had the pleasure of working on portraits, signage and lettering throughout the space for Your STORY!

“Your STORY” is produced in partnership with AwesomenessTV, a next generation multi-platform media company serving the global teen audience. Here’s a brief description of what’s happening:

Open today, March 9th through Sunday, April 5th, the experience brings AwesomenessTV’s high profile digital talent into brick-and-mortar retail and immerses visitors in an experience focused on personal creation and self-authored storytelling, highlighted by an installation from Brooklyn illustrator Samantha Hahn. 

Your STORY highlights the stories of influential YouTube personalities. Through its signature mix of editorialized merchandise and events. STORY curated products that express the talents’ unique personalities and perspectives including BaubleBar, Brit + Co, Supply System, Dylan ’ s Candy Bar, Bow and Drape, Julep…and more.

Through a series of hand-painted watercolors, Brooklyn artist Samantha Hahn illustrates the ‘who’ and the ‘what’ of Your STORY. “We wanted the experience to visually connect the digital with the physical world,” notes Rachel Shechtman, founder of STORY. “Samantha’s artwork expresses these personalities in a fresh and personal way to encourage the discovery of these talented individuals offline.”

Check out an interview STORY did with me about my work process and thoughts on this fun collab. And, here’s a little teaser video I made:

Been working on something…well awesome with @thisisstory and @awesomenesstv

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