Happy Mother’s Day!

30Diana Ross
13Tina Fey

I am going to especially enjoy spending Mother’s Day with my son and new baby daughter. I feel very very lucky to have my family and these kids, oh these kids have my heart.

I’m finishing up my book celebrating motherhood in watercolor and word. It’ll be out at this time next year. It’s very exciting and bittersweet to bring a book to fruition. I have heard so many authors proclaim that working on a book and getting it out is much like the labor and delivery process. I guess making a book is like having a baby in some ways. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Above are a couple of quotes that didn’t make it into the book but I still love them and thought I’d share. I reformatted them to stand alone.

Happy happy Mother’s Day.

P.S New York Magazine/ TheCut asked me and some other mama’s what they got better at after becoming a mom. Check it out.