Week in review: Marc Jacobs resort, colorful daily drawings + some interviews

daily drawing2
daily drawing3daily drawing1
This has been a hectic week. I’ve finishing my book cover. It goes through quite a review process. I have to admit making books is hard work. I think I’ve done like 100 versions. So many cooks in the kitchen in the review process. I’m down to the chosen direction and just have some tweaks to do on the title hand-lettering. I can’t wait to share this book with you.

I’ve been trying to be playful each day too and not just do commercial projects. This week I illustrated some looks from the resort shows and Marc Jacobs posted it to their tumblr (yay).

I also did these colorful figures. You can follow my daily drawings right away as I do them on Instagram.

Have a gorgeous weekend. How is it hot as summer already?!

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