Start Now! The Creativity Journal by Kate Neckel


Good morning, happy Monday.

I’m excited to share my friend Kate Neckel‘s book with you. I went the launch party at STORY last week and everyone was just raving about the book. You should get it stat. There have been so many articles lately about adult coloring books and prompted journals but Kate’s book may be the most playful and fun of the lot.

Kate’s book is like having an art coach with a comforting hand on your shoulder, tell you to “go for it and express yourself”. I have the feeling that people will be compelled to write, draw and let their feelings loose on the page and with a new twinkle in their eye and way of looking at life and the world around them.

I’ve known Kate for years now through our sites and coffee dates at Grumpy’s where she has recently illustrated totes and mugs. Kate has created drawings for books, magazines, bands, walls all around the world and more.

Start Now! The Creativity Journal, is her first book, the first of many I’d say. Take a look at her book vid. here.