Lisa Congdon: The Joy of Swimming


Lisa Condgon

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Lisa Congdon before. She’s a prolific artist, author, speaker and teacher. Lisa is in a constant state of challenging herself as an artist and inspiring others with her work, her philosophy and passion. I’m lucky enough to call Lisa a friend.

I have been waiting with bated breath for her new book to come out and here it is!

The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water

The few pictures posted here don’t begin to do this stunning book justice. Congdon employs a variety of mixed media techniques to arrive at an inviting collection of images that convey her passion for swimming and of course art.

This striking book invites readers to immerse themselves in the many joys of swimming. You’ll find an illustrated collection of vintage swimsuits, a chart of the average human’s swimming speed, vintage pool signs, hand-lettered quotes about swimming and dozens of watercolor portraits paired with personal stories about swimmers. This is a must have book for anyone who loves to submerge themselves in the pool and in a good art book.