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Geek Chic: Take 5

This girl is so adorable in her white and clear geek chic specs (via Garance Dore). for the rest of the geek chic series follow these links: Geek Chic 1 Geek Chic 2 Geek Chic 3 Geek Chic 4 I hope you had a splendid weekend. My poor husband is so sick. He got some […]


Geek Chic take 4

Not sure if I count these Chanel glasses as geek chic but I love them and I guess since they are thick and black rimmed they’ll work for this series. She looks so lovely. The second photo is definite geek chic style. I want to go to Berlin to visit the Bilderklub people and see […]


Geek Chic: take two

Oh here’s another glorious example of geeky glasses. I’m coveting them so badly. I love this photo. She looks so fabulous. (Again) I found it on via strawapple on livejournal. Here’s the definition of Geek Chic on Wikipedia. I hope you had a splendid new years celebration. I look forward to getting back to […]


Happy second year Maquette (free downloadable thank you card)

Yesterday Maquette turned two! It’s been anything but terrible. I started this blog to share my work, other artist’s and designer’s work that I find inspiring, fashion/style plus other interesting tidbits of eye candy. In the process I’ve made some amazing blogger friends who make up a wonderful community plus real life friends whom I’ve […]