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Acrylic is Idyllic


I’m always amazed by the way David Hockney uses acrylic paint. His paintings really look like they were painted in oil, only they’re flatter and more matte (an effect which can be achieved using little or no medium). To paint a 72′ X 72′ canvas with paint that dries very fast takes skill. The first artists to use acrylics for something other than house painting were Mexican muralists. “Water-soluble artist-quality acrylic paints became commercially available in the early 1960s, offered by Liquitex.” (more info)

These are some of my undergrad acrylic paintings.



3…2…1…Blast off!

launch.jpgHi! Welcome to Maquette. I’m so excited to be launching. A little bit about this blog: It’s a visual inspiration board where I’ll post on design, fashion, and art. Basically a collection of visual references that I find inspiring. I’m an artist, so I’ll also share my own work at varying stages of completion.

A maquette is a small model of a finished work. It’s used to visualize and test shapes and ideas without the cost or effort of producing a full-scale product. The analogue would be a painter’s sketch or a design prototype of any kind. A maquette is built to convey “the immediacy of the artist’s first realization of an idea” (full definition), and the same might be said about this blog.