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Perfume Synesthesia Illustrations for Allure Magazine, September 2021

I took an online test to see if I have synesthesia because I do get a strong visceral response to color. That said, I’m not a synesthete. Boo hoo. I did however fully enjoy illustrating these perfume visualizations as described by famed perfumer Frédéric Malle who perceives smells as an array of colors. I’d personally love to try Synthetic Jungle.

Check out the full story in the September issue of Allure Magazine.

Sarah Olin art directed!


Shape Magazine Covers and Feature lettering

Thrilled to have lettering on the cover and on multiple digital covers this September for the “Women Run The World” feature. Thank you Noah Drier for the amazing gig. See everything here and in the issue.

Photography @abdmstudio
Creative Director @noahdreier
Styling: Brit & Kara Elkin @elkin
Hair by Tony Medina @hisvintagetouch
Makeup by Eva Kim @eva_thediva_kim
Manicure by Jolene Brodeur @jolene.b.nails
Photo Director/Produced @toniloggia
Hand drawn lettering @samanthajhahn