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Creature Comforts Blog and Wren Eleven Online Shop

Creature Comforts

This blogging thing is working out splendidly. I love making new art friends. I’m an avid reader-looker of Creature Comforts Blog and I love perusing the fabulous online shop Wren Eleven adjoining it.

On August 24th, Creature Comforts posted about a painting I did called “Cake Bride.”


Here are some more paintings from that series.

It would be in your best interest to subscribe to Creature Comforts ASAP and buy all your friends gifts from there and maybe some for yourself. I’m partial to the fabric-covered magnets and I love that silhouette journal too.




We got a lovely journal as a wedding gift from Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing. My husband edited his new book, Rule the Web.

Tyler Bender creates these fabulous journals from old books and assorted papers. The man’s extremely talented, and he has an Etsy shop: perfect.

I use an old book for a sketch book too, but I don’t have fancy pages, just the words of the book.

samantha hahn's sketchbook


Mellow Yellow


We visited the Pompidou Museum in Paris this summer for our honeymoon and experienced the Philippe Rahm installation Diurnisme.

Rahm subverted the perpetual day created by modernity and contemporary globalization. The room is bathed in a bright orange/yellow light with wavelengths upwards of 600 nanometers, which is perceived by the body as night.

The hormone melatonin guides our perception of day or night. The light of the room triggers the production of melatonin, tricking the body into thinking it’s night. We didn’t get too sleepy, though—we’d just enjoyed some cappuccinos. The first photo above is the exhibit, the second is my husband about to enter, and the third is my favorite painter, Lisa Yuskavage, who painted a woman changing in the yellow light of morning.