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Table Tuesday!!: My DIY table refurbishing.

We love our apartment and neighborhood. The major decorating and assembling is behind us. Here are two tables I refurbished. I documented the process and posted photos on my flickr stream if you want to see the various stages. Oh and take a listen to the newest MITM podcast.

Coffee Table & Dining Table:
before and after table

dining table before and after

The coffee table was originally a dining table. In college I found it. It was an old, shoddy turned leg table that needed love. I cut the legs down to coffee table size and stained the top and sides yellow and the legs a burgundy wine color. Then I waxed it. Later it found it’s way into my parent’s house and garage. But when we moved they suggested that we take it back. I still loved the shape of it but the bright yellow did not work with our decor. So I stripped it (with an eco-friendly stripper that was less caustic and not as effective sadly), sanded it (wet and dry), steel wooled it. Finally I verathaned the top, painted the sides a tea rose and Watco oiled the wine colored legs. I also painted the drawer and pull and lined the inside with stunning wallpaper from Ferm Living (the same paper I’m going to use for the entry wall). Et voila.

The dining table was my parent’s and mine growing up. I had many a meal there and drew many a picture. For the last 10 years or so it was sitting in my aunt and uncle’s basement collecting Charlotte’s webs. We got it back, sanded it down, and Watco oiled it. It still has that old look but the oil made it look very fresh and shiny. I put modern chairs with it. Actually we got 8 chairs and they fit all around but when it’s not in use I stack the chairs in the corner and push the table to the wall so that the room keeps it’s open look.

materials: Danish Watco oil, Verathane varnish, paint (I used Ralph Lauren Tea Rose), sandpaper, rags, paint stripper (eco), steal wool, putty knife, brushes etc. If anyone wants to do this at home, I highly recommend it. It was simple and the results were great. Do set aside a good chunk of time.


Designboom: Cool souvenirs

Here’s some news before I tell you where to get the cool designboom goodies:

I guest-blogged on the fabulous Colour Lovers: Color + Design blog, my new obsession.

My free Valentine’s Day cards are featured on Craft Magazine blog, Shiny Squirrel blog, Creature Comforts blog, Oktavia blog, and In This Instance blog. Yippeee!

My work for MJM is featured on ART MOCO…one of my favorite contemporary art magazines online. Here’s where they posted about my oil paintings before.

And Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things posted about one of my illos. Thanks everyone!

Finally, here’s the info you wanted about the cool goodies:

1 5 minute candles: first presented at the tokyo mart in 2006, 5-minute candles are small pocket candles for celebrating happy moments spontaneously. carry them with you and never risk forgetting a friend’s birthday or anniversary!

2 Cassette wallet: retro wallets hand-made from cassette tapes because every ‘cassette wallet’ is hand made, each design is a one-off. Available from marcella foschi, Italy.

3 Moss pencils: first seen at the designboom mart in new york 2006 the ‘moss pencil’ is a wooden pencil covered with green flocking


Knit wit

Brrr. It’s getting cold out there again (at least here in New York). I covet hats even though with my long curly hair I seldom wear them. I usually wear earmuffs and feel silly. I often pretend I can’t hear my husband. He loves that game (when I say “love”, I’m using the word lightly).

Woman’s knit hats:

1 Eugenia Kim
2 Misha Lampert…ohhh nooo. I just noticed they’re out of stock on Shopbop. Check back in for it. It’s my favorite one…must be someone else’s too.
3 Foolmoon via Etsy

Men’s knit hats via Etsy:

1 Helenhats
2 Shazzasknits
3 Transaction

I still get the heartiest laugh out of this one via Kitsune Noir.

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