Lavender wall

lavender wall_Samantha Hahn

lavender wall detail_Samantha Hahn

I have not embarked on any home decor projects since we moved into our apartment a year and a half ago. In fact I’ve been so lax about doing anything after all the painting and moving in that we’ve been looking at a gaping space on the wall above our couch for over 6 months since we removed a big mirror hanging there thinking it could somehow spontaneously fall on someone’s head (unlikely but not worth the risk).

I’ve been trying to think of what to put there. I had a picture I made up for a little while and then took it down. I was thinking of blowing up a photo but never got to it. After seeing Rubi Jones’ studio wall I got inspired by the idea of a flower wall. I decided to use something meaningful, sweet smelling and at the same time something I happened to already have, the lavender we picked last summer on the North Fork. It was super easy to arrange into the composition I liked using washi tape (clear with pale green stripes) to hold the stems in place. Might be nice to add some pops of yellow with camomile or something. Perhaps I’ll get to it someday!?

Stamped planter DIY

Stamped planter DIY 1

Stamped Planter DIY

I love having custom stamps made of my lettering or illustration. I’m about to give some sweet little succulents as a gift and was trying to think of a way to quickly personalize the terracotta. I grabbed a positive sentiment “hell yes” and stamped it a few times so it appeared on each side.

  • I get my stamps made here. There are lots of sizes to choose from. I’ve had some really big ones printed up.
  • Since you are stamping on a rounded surface you just place the stamp on one edge and gently roll it around the curve to get a clean print.

Would you try this?