Skinny laMinx: Sevilla Rock

Sevilla Rock

How amazing is this fabric by the talented Heather Moore? I want to upholster a couch with the deep turquoise and then have a corresponding chair upholstered with the red. Have you seen her latest design?

You’re the best Heather. Hope to meet you when you visit NY from sunny South Africa.

Readers, have a splendid weekend!

Parasol Magazine and Nice Package

Nice Package

Have you seen the latest issue of Parasol Magazine from the creative mind and hands of Yasmine Surovec? It features a story about Nice Package, “a gift packaging line designed to offer simple solutions for infusing creativity and beauty into their customers’ homes and lives. The line includes a unique collection of gift-packaging essentials that will add sparkle to gifts, and home décor items sure to bring a touch of whimsy to any home”. Founded by bloggers Ez Pudewa and Marichelle Burdman, Nice Package has some gorgeous inspiration. My favorite package is “I left my heart in Paris” kit featured above.

Valentine’s Day gift idea

Le Love
I never expect anything extravagant for Valentine’s day. A heart felt note and perhaps something sweet to eat are perfect for me.

I think it would be a really really sweet idea to take an old love note, or even a section of that note and blow it up to frame and then gift to your partner. I love the way little scribblings look when blown up. If anyone does this, I’d love to see it, so send over a snap shot.

image via Le Love

tomorrow a recipe from the amazing Kelly of Eat, Make, Read

‘Ruffian Paper Doll’ by Eloise Corr Danch, special collaboration with Ruffian on view at Kate’s Paperie

eloise corr danch paper dress

Ruffian Paper Doll is the latest historical costume paper sculpture by acclaimed artist Eloise Corr Danch. Paper Doll was exhibited in October at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York for the Paper Ball, the gala opening of the paper exhibition SLASH! Paper Under the Knife. The Victorian era–inspired dress features pages of the book Ruffian: Inside Out (Assouline) and Le Monde newspapers were used to papier mache the body. For the bodice, Eloise cut an intricate pattern and devised an internal wire bustle to create the bottom shape of the dress, giving it a dramatic 1870s silhouette.

Eloise’s paper sculpture work was exhibited at the Macy’s 2009 Flower Show. That installation featured swirling floral garlands composed of more than 2,500 paper flowers as well as ornate floral headdresses, all filling 23 windows along 34th Street. As a result, Eloise was invited to appear onThe Martha Stewart Show to make paper poppies with Martha. Eloise’s interest in historical costume was on view in 2008 when she exhibited Lady Dulcinea, a life-sized paper dress sculpture at the gallery in Anthropologie’s flagship Rockefeller Center store.

For more information about Eloise’s work, please visit:

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New Pattern: Cable Knit Tromp l’oil

cable knit_tromploil: hand drawn print

Soon after Henry was born we decided to pick up a rocking chair at Ikea. So I can sit next to his crib in our bedroom and feed him in the middle of the night. I love Ikea but don’t like to leave the items I buy from there plain so I decided to create a print to turn into upholstery. It was fun to hand draw a cable knit. From a distance perhaps the cushions with the print on them will look really cozy and soft but up close they won’t be itchy like a sweater.

We have been looking to move into a new apartment thinking that we could get lots more space for a little extra money in the neighborhood we currently live in. Unfortunately we could not find any place we love so we decided to extend our lease here in our cozy little nest and re-work some of our space so that we’re happier and less cramped. Living on a lovely tree lined street in a sunny apartment near the subway for me to get to work on time is really nothing to scoff at. So we’ll stay put for now and have fun playing around with our space and making sure Henry has room to play when he’s up for it.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!!