Women’s March Posters

I made a whole bunch of posters for the Women’s March next weekend. Feel free to grab any you like and print or share on social.
Here they are.  Here’s a short link if you’d like to share with friends:
Love, Sam

Happy holidays!

I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday and an amazing new year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following along. XO–Sam

Check the above card out–in animation on my ig.

2017: Virtues Calendar benefitting Room to Grow


Check out this 2017 Collaborative Calendar, 14 mothers come together to celebrate the virtues we hold dear. We hope our ideas offer a space to build upon throughout the year.
All proceeds benefit Room To Grow – an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty.

Get It Here!!!

I’m honored to be a contributor amongst these incredible mamas and artists.
The Amazing list of contributors:
January – Meg Gleason / @mogleameg
February – Liz Libre / @lizlibre
March – Youngna Park / @youngnapark
April – Linsey Laidlaw / @linseylaidlaw
May – Amanda Jane Jones / @amandajanejones
June – Samantha Hahn / @samanthajhahn
July – Lena Corwin / @lenacorwin
August – Merrill Stubbs / @merrillstubbs & Erin Jang / @theindigobunting
September – Abby Clawson Low / @abbyclawsonlow
October – Randi Brookman Harris / @randibrookmanharris
November – Rachael Cole / @rachaelcole
December – Joanna Goddard / @joannagoddard & Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls / @maybelleimasa

quarterlane Winter!

Quarterlane Winter Box revised
I’m beyond excited about co-creative directing at quarterlane, the most amazing new book box subscription company. Elizabeth Lane the founder is a professional book buyer who lovingly curates the boxes each season with the juiciest new fiction, the top art and design books and for winter we even have a Gentleman’s box, an Epicurean and a Wellness box amongst others. She thinks of everything. The boxes are gorgeously modeled after Lanvin shoe boxes and each book is lovingly wrapped and paired with curated gifts like this Sloane 2017 planner. This is the lux gift for the book lover in your life or yourself. With your busy schedule and lack of time why not subscribe and have a literary box that speaks to your soul land on your doorstep each season? Or, simply pick a box that speaks to you.

I’m beyond honored and thrilled to be part of quarterlane. This winter season, my reading woman original painting has been gorgeously printed and included in each and every box. My first book Well-Read Women is part of the Winter FictionWinter Aesthete and all other boxes too. YAY!

We’ve been working tirelessly on creating an editorial sister site, The Edit for quarterlane with literary cocktail recipes like The Fizzy Fitzgerald, author interviews and lifestyle features. Please follow along as we grow a community of book lovers and scintillating content for the bibliophile!

Hot tip! Use code quarterlanejoy20 for a 20% off site wide this Black Friday (Get a jump start on holiday shopping).

Cyber Monday you can buy one box, get your next box half off. Amazing right?!



SHOP for orgs


3It’s been a very rough week. I don’t have much to say except that I stand for love, equality, peace, the health of the planet, the safety of children and the families that raise them and I’m scared that so many people don’t hold these things up as essential to our country.

Sad to say that I have been complacent. I had hoped that a grown up with the above values would take care of us. I now realize that I can’t just sit around expecting to be taken care of and my neighbors too. I feel more than ever that we can work together to support what we value. I have been talking to so many women who feel the same (men too) and I see people figuring out what to focus on and how to work together. It’s very heartening.

I know there’s a lot to do but using my art to promote what I care about feels right. Going forward I’ll donate 50% of all shop proceeds to organizations who need support. Planned Parenthood, Everytown for Gun Safety and Every Mother Counts are just a few I plan to donate to. If you like my art and want it in your life, you will be helping me contribute. This site also has a great list of organizations to support.