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“When fortune calls, offer her a chairâ€? – Yiddish proverb

Design public desk chairs.jpg

These are some sexy desk chairs. I’m not usually thrilled about chairs with wheels, but the one in the middle is edgy and modern … or retro and sci-fi, depending on your perspective. The best part is that they’re all from Design Public, a store with too many good ones to choose from so I just chose a tiny sampling.

I thought my pin-up babe drawing might like to sit on one of them at her home office. (Yes, she has a home office.)




We got a lovely journal as a wedding gift from Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing. My husband edited his new book, Rule the Web.

Tyler Bender creates these fabulous journals from old books and assorted papers. The man’s extremely talented, and he has an Etsy shop: perfect.

I use an old book for a sketch book too, but I don’t have fancy pages, just the words of the book.

samantha hahn's sketchbook


Custom invitations: A good reason to have a party


I must tout the work of my old art school studio mates, the lovely and talented KenzieKate and Oh Joy!. These brilliant babes—I’m into alliteration today … tout talents, brilliant babes—have their own custom stationery lines and blogs to boot! They are both such amazing designers and artists.

I suggest you get married or have a party soon so you can put their talents to work.